Week 1

August 13, 2015

CCG crew replacing navigational buoys

Maintaining navigational buoys

We sailed through the night towards Cambridge Bay. Today, as normal Arctic operations continued, the winds were light and seas were calm.

As the Laurier approached the hamlet, the helicopter was dispatched with its crew to Qikirtaarjuk Island to service a beacon. The Kinglett and Gannet were launched into Dease Strait under the direction of boatswain Piper Harris, with winchman Peter Lange controlling the ship’s derrick. The hydrographers staff spent the afternoon conducting sea trials and calibrating their multibeam sonar systems.

CCG helicopter takes off from CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Qikirtaarjuk Island



Kinglett and Gannet conducting sea trials

Derrick on board the CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Getting the launches off the deck was also necessary to allow the Laurier and her crew to recover last year’s navigational buoys and place new ones for this year’s shipping season.

Navigational buoys on deck of the CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Navigational buoy

Buoys were further deployed near Jago Islet where they mark a narrow channel through shoals. For a vessel the size of the Laurier, sailing in these waters already requires special attention, but extra caution was critical during this delicate operation while we manoeuvered close to the edge of the channel to retrieve and replace the markers.

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