Week 1

August 14, 2015

Water level observations

Collecting data and visiting the health clinic

Both Gannet and Kinglett were launched before 8:30 am and were collecting data of the ocean floor south of Victoria Island in Queen Maud Gulf throughout the day while CCG crew members carried on servicing aids to navigation.

Launching of a survey ship

CHS Hydrographer, Christine Delbridge, monitors seabed data collection from the Gannet

Out on the Kinglett, CCG Coxswain Spencer Weisgerber navigated survey lines while CHS hydrographer Christine Delbridge kept track of the multibeam and employed a sound velocity profiler to collect data on the salinity, turbidity, conductivity and water depth, all of which have an effect on the speed of sound through the water. The information will be analyzed by hydrographers on board the Laurier using highly specialized software that records sonar data as highly accurate, time-coded, georeference, 3-D data points that ensure that the navigation corridor seabed is 100 percent examined, with all potential hazards to navigation identified and displayed as full colour images.

CCG Coxswain Spencer Weisgerber navigating survey lines

CHS hydrographer Christine Delbridge employs a sound velocity profiler

At the same time, another two hydrographers went ashore at Cambridge Bay to perform differential levelling between vertical benchmarks and conducted water level observations relative to those benchmarks. Without a link to both horizontal and vertical reference systems, called a datum, all this collected 3-D data would be of limited use.

Being so close to Cambridge Bay also provided an opportunity for crew to go ashore early in the afternoon. Katharine Murphy, the ship’s Health Officer, met with staff at the health clinic and toured their facility. In case of an emergency, it’s always good to know what the clinics can offer for care, and vice versa for that matter! By evening, the group departed the area and began our overnight sail into Simpson Strait.

Cambridge Bay

Katharine Murphy, Health Officer

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