Week 2

August 25, 2015

A quick stop in the community of Taloyoak

Former Hudson Bay Company trading post in Taloyoak, Nunavut

Taloyoak, Nunavut

The hamlet of Taloyoak, which translates as "large caribou hunting blind", is located east of St. Roch Basin on Boothia Peninsula to the east of King William Island. The community, previously known as Spence Bay, is made up of roughly 800 people, with official settlement only beginning after 1948 when the Hudson Bay Company moved a trading post to the area. Like many northern communities, many of the community's goods and supplies are received by Sealift only once a year, so safe and efficient maritime shipping is critical. While CCG crews spent the day servicing navigation aids in and around the harbour, the CHS launches Gannet and Kinglett were out conducting seabed surveys in the approaches leading to the community. Parks Canada's Investigator also conducted additional sea trials over the same area to confirm that their multibeam system was properly functioning and properly calibrated.  An early morning stop into the community allowed Captain Aldridge to meet briefly with the hamlet office, and a few residents boated out to meet us offshore in the afternoon. We departed Taloyoak in the early evening, and surveyed lines continually as we headed north into James Ross Strait to be in position for tomorrow's operations.

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