Week 3

August 28, 2015

The hunt for HMS Terror officially commences

Weather-wise, we have been very spoiled throughout this leg of the operation. Temperatures have remained above 0 degrees Celsius each day, sea ice has continued to melt and winds have remained light with direction largely in our favour.  A quick helicopter trip to Cape Felix was arranged after the morning briefing to retrieve the hydrographic GPS stations intentionally left overnight to collect additional positioning information.  We also used that opportunity to retrieve leftover construction materials that had been previously left at the beacon site. Following, Nunavut's archeologists were flown in to Victory Point to follow up on historical information provided by earlier searchers.  The Laurier began its transit from Cape Felix into Victoria Strait where we encountered higher concentrations of drifting ice floes. The ice isn't an issue for our ship, as the Laurier is an icebreaker, but the presence of the moving ice creates challenges for the pole-mounted multi-beam installation and the safety of the smaller launches.  Just before dinner, we reached a suitable position just west of Erebus Bay where largely open water conditions were sufficient to launch Investigator, Gannet and Kinglett. Starting now, the hunt for HMS Terror is officially underway.

Captain Stuart Aldridge and Chief Officer James Garrett (Photo: Department of National Defence)

CCG helicopter being used to transport construction material at beacon site (Photo: Department of National Defence)

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