Week 4

September 4, 2015

All platforms fully engaged on this beautiful day

CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

It's now becoming routine to expect sunny skies and mild breezes every morning, and today didn't disappoint. Following briefing on the bridge, the Investigator was away quickly, followed by the CHS launches. The helicopter was fuelled and dispatched with Nunavut's archeologists set to spend the day finishing up work at existing sites as well as at a new site on the west side of King William Island. HMCS Moncton also returned to our starboard side this morning conducting its hydrographic surveys in parallel to the Laurier. All platforms were fully engaged.

Back on ship, the CCG crew were busy ensuring that the Laurier itself was working at full capacity. Ship engineers carried out their 2100-hour inspection of the engines, while electrician Nick Stubbington inspected the electrical circuits controlling the ship's massive 21-ton derrick. Conducting regular maintenance and inspections keeps us running at maximum efficiency, and with such a short arctic field season, that's absolutely critical to a successful ship-based operation.

Engine Room technician James Houlihan monitors the ship's systems

CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Electrician Nick Stubbington inspects circuits for the ship's derrick

Our bridge crew remained on alert for early signs of changing weather, and at the first sign of fog on the horizon, they called over to the helicopter pilot. Fortunately, the pilot and passengers were already wrapping up and were able to return quickly to the ship. Dr. Stenton and Dr. Park timed their homecoming perfectly for the start of dinner, just minutes before the blanket of fog settled over the ship.

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