Week 4

September 6, 2015

A valuable experience for CCG cadets

Morning conditions in the northern search area were overcast with an air temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, while the sea surface temperature was slightly warmer at 3 degrees with gentle wavelets.  As winds are expected to increase tomorrow, the helicopter was put to use in the morning to finish off the archaeological ground surveys.

The Investigator and Kinglett headed out quickly. Gannet required some minor maintenance, so she was led alongside Laurier for a few extra minutes while our engineers bled air from her fuel lines. Once done, she was released for deployment and the Laurier re-engaged multibeam surveying from the ship. The fog rolled back in after lunch, but didn't remain long. With the modern day use of radar and GPS, our survey programs weren't affected.

In addition to the CCG crews and supernumeraries we're carrying, we also have support from two cadets aboard from the CCG College. These young Officers-in-Training joined this Arctic mission as part of their four-year education plan, and will have guaranteed employment with us upon graduation. Cadets come from all over Canada to study at the college in Sydney, Nova Scotia – a college where tuition is fully funded based on acceptance into the program. Really quite an extraordinary program and one that continues to turn out highly qualified Canadian mariners who will operate these ships in future.

Hydrographer Adam Zamperin prepares CSL Gannet for survey

CCG Cadet Mélanie Gendreau prepares the CHS multibeam sonar's mounting bracket on the CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Both CHS and Parks Canada are making ever evolving plans to have their three launches shipped south after their sounding operations are terminated for the year. Each year on her return voyage south, Laurier experiences extreme weather on the Pacific Coast and the small vessels could easily be damaged in their berths on the well deck.  The current plan is to rendezvous next week with the commercial ship M/V Mitiq in Gjoa Haven to transfer the launches for safe transport south.

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