Week 4

September 9, 2015

Engineers craft parting gifts for Deck Crew

CCG David Horbas fabricates custom gaskets aboard CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

This morning returned light winds and calm waters to our survey area, but Environment Canada's weather forecast bluntly advised that our summer is coming to a rapid close. The next few days are expected to bring high winds and waves with possible wet snowfall. The Chief Engineer immediately began to make plans to ready the ship for the pending transition, and the deck crews prepared the well deck for rougher conditions.

CCG crew members check the cradles for the boats

CCG James Houlihan in the machine shop aboard CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

After breakfast, launches Investigator, Gannet and Kinglett were consecutively brought to the rail and launched to continue surveying. The combined amount of kilometres of multibeam surveying done this season in support of this mission now surpasses that of any previous year.  Credit can go to the effective use of all available assets – Laurier, Investigator, Kinglett, Gannet and Moncton – and of course the ideal weather conditions we enjoyed through much of the mission.

Down in the hull's machine shop, engineers handcrafted tools for use. Always innovative, the engineers milled new Marlin Spikes – a practical utensil used regularly aboard ships – using former parts from the ship. One spike was fabricated from a connecting rod from the starboard main ALCO engine, removed from use after 10516 hours of operation and having made over 567 million engine revolutions. Each handcrafted spike, along with information on the tool's history, is presented personally from the Chief Engineer to each seaman on the Deck Crew as a genuine token of appreciation from the Engineering department.  

While launches were away, the engineering department also took the opportunity to weld and fabricate a new piece to replace a damaged railing section in the forecastle at the front of the ship. The diversity of skills and talents aboard ship is impressive, and you just never know what you will need next.

Gannet and Kinglett returned shortly after dinner while Investigator stayed out a few hours later. The Laurier continued surveying throughout the night.

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