Week 5

September 15, 2015

CCG responds to emergency call

Morning temperatures hovered just below freezing at -1℃ and sea surface temperatures at 2 degrees.  Wind speeds remained roughly constant at 35 knots. Light snow fell, but this was the best visibility afforded to us during the past several days.

During morning briefing, our pilot Dave Ferguson expressed confidence that conditions would be suitable for flying by mid-morning. His assessment proved correct, and by 9:30 am, along with the ship's nurse Katherine Murphy and Leading Seaman Kristoffer Mantta, the pilot headed out to Starvation Cove to find the stranded hunting party. As part of their cargo, the team carried extra food and water, equipment and communication supplies. In inclement weather, teams are also equipped with overnight kits in case they become grounded on shore. We take no unnecessary risks with the safety of our crews.  The three hunters were located quickly and were transported by helicopter directly to Gjoa Haven to waiting families while our nurse and seaman remained behind. Shortly after lunch, our remaining team members were retrieved and the helicopter returned safely to the ship.   

CCG crew members Peter Lange and Joseph Dashin return to ship on a fast rescue craft.

Local community members hunting on a remote island. Image captured aboard a CCG helicopter.

CCG engineer Dylan Tremeer inspecting equipment in the ship's engine room.

On ship, our Chief Engineer and his crew spent the day repairing a coolant water leak from one of the cylinder liners into the engine sump. Once operations allowed, the engine was taken out of service and the respective cylinder head, piston, connecting rod and liner were removed. All parts were measured and inspected to locate the root of the problem. The necessary parts were replaced and the engine reassembled and returned to its fully operational structure.

We remained at anchor for the night at Eta Island.

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