Week 5

September 16, 2015

Last log of a successful mission

Northern lights captured from CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier. (Photo credit: Thierry Boyer, Parks Canada)

Late last night, the winds finally died down and the waters returned to calm. The morning brought partially cloudy skies with temperatures just below freezing.

The Laurier weighed anchor immediately after the morning briefing and began surveying and steaming towards Gjoa Haven to shuttle several of our supernumeraries to the airport for their flights south. Once done, we resumed servicing nearby navigational aids.  Tomorrow, we will rendezvous with the commercial ship Mitiq and transfer the three launches over for their voyage home as well.

Besides archaeology, Arctic seabed surveying is a big part of our story, and this year's multibeam totals (as of September 15) for this project are impressive. CSL Gannet 1663.5 km, CSL Kinglett 1835.6 km, R/V Investigator 1116.1 km, HMCS Moncton 4094 km and CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier 2351.6 km for a total of 11,060.8 line kilometers of multibeaming. For context, that's about the same distance as a return trip on the TransCanada highway between Vancouver to Fredericton and back again!

Congratulations to all on another very successful mission!

The 2015 Mission Erebus and Terror Team aboard CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier:
Commanding Officer: Stuart Aldridge; Chief Officer: James Garrett; Second Officer: Scott MacColl; Third Officer: Austin Zin; Boatswain: Piper Harris; Winchman: Peter Lange; Leading Seamen: Joseph Danshin, Kristoffer Mantta, Jordan Barca; Seamen: Skye McEwan, Spencer Weisgerber, Devin Ramos, Sophie Slakov-Crombie; Chief Engineer: Randolph Morford; Senior Electrician: Tavis Nordstrom; Second Engineer: Jordan Forrest; Third Engineer: Brett Williams; Electrician: Nicholas Stubbington; Oilers: David Horbas, James Houlihan, Dylan Tremeer; Logistics Officer: Miles Taylor; Clerk/Storekeeper: Nathaniel Vaandering; Head Chef: Harold Steed; Chef: Herbert Lynch; Stewards: Mathew Lindner, Edward Frisch; Health Officer (Health Canada): Katherine Murphy; Helicopter pilot (Transport Canada): David Ferguson; Helicopter Engineer (Transport Canada): Glen Wesanko; Electronics Technician: David Spinks; Coast Guard Cadets: Melanie Gendreau, Xenia Wiens; Hydrographer-in-Charge (CHS): Timothy Janzen; Hydrographers (CHS): Arthur Wickens, Adam Zamperin, Christine Delbridge, Rudolfo Cutillo, Benoit Thibault, Michael Black; Archaeologists (Nunavut): Dr. Douglas Stenton, Dr. Robert Park; Communications (DFO): Theresa Nichols; Archaeologists (Parks Canada): Ryan Harris, Thierry Boyer; Coxswain (Parks Canada): Christian Ludin; Senior Advisor (Parks Canada): Francesco Manganiello; Hydrographer (R2Sonics): Michel Brissette

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