DFO-Science CHS Strategic Directions and Quality Policy 2018/28

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To be a world class authority and supplier of hydrospatial information.


The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) supports government priorities and meets its obligationsFootnote * by providing up-to-date, authoritative and standardised hydrospatial information.

Values / quality policy

Aligned with the Public Service and Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) Values of Respect for democracy, Respect for people, Integrity, Stewardship and Excellence.

CHS will maintain a Registered ISO 9001 Quality Management System to enable us to supply these services in an efficient, cost-effective, and responsible manner by ensuring we provide:

  1. Responsiveness to clients,
  2. Consistent delivery of valued products and services,
  3. Consistent analysis and decisions based on risk management,
  4. Continuous improvement efforts through innovation and adoption of best practices,
  5. Organizational commitment to having a rewarding and healthy workplace.

Quality objectives

The following objectives are measured by CHS Level of Service:

  1. Timely release of critical quality information for safe navigation,
  2. To be responsive to clients,
  3. Healthy and rewarding workplace.

CHS Commitments for the next 3 Years…

CHS priorities and planning:

  • Implement a Canadian Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) & deliver on the five CHS elements of the Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) commitments & DFO’s component of Canada’s Extended Continental Shelf Program + Enable Ocean Mapping Strategy.

Innovative service delivery:

  • Develop and implement a business model based on hydrospatial digital data, increasing the use of Crowd-Source Bathymetry, Satellite-Derived Bathymetry + Airborne and automated hydrographic data acquisition techniques.
  • Influence and/or lead development of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards and support IHO Capacity Building via a Canadian networks.

Stakeholder & partner engagement:

  • Collaborate to the success of the Canadian Ocean Mapping Research & Education Network.
  • Increase engagement and liaison with maritime community (Hydrographic Offices, Federal departments and agencies, Academia, Provinces & Territories, Power squadron, etc.).

Efficient and agile organizational structure:

  • Establish a strong CHS Liaison and Coordination as one organization.

Quality management system and operational support:

  • Complete the harmonization of the CHS Quality Management System to drive innovation, improved process / service performance and optimized business efficiencies.

People / service culture:

  • Invest in internal capacity building at all levels including MDH program for accreditation, and deliver continuous improvements.

CHS in 2028…

National and international stakeholders view: “Harnessing the power of new technologies.”

  • In ten years… CHS is recognized as an International focused on hydrospatial information services and digital products available online and through certified distributors.
  • In ten years… CHS’ Clients have access to a suite of hydrographic dynamic products and services compliant to IHO S-100 (e.g. Electronic Navigational Chart updates, Currents and Water levels).
  • In ten years… Adequate hydrographic coverage is achieved in the highest priority marine navigation corridors (south of 600).
  • In ten years… Arctic charting priorities are advanced through increased collaboration with national / international stakeholders.
  • In ten years… CHS’ contribution to Canada’s submission to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf under UNCLOS claim is completed.

Science - CHS internal view: Efficient and knowledgeable

  • In ten years… CHS acquires data from existing sources, external organizations, through collaboration and crowd-source bathymetry, or by collecting it ourselves.
  • In ten years… CHS is a hydrospatial data-centric organization where data integration, analysis, distribution and dissemination are the focus.
  • In ten years… CHS is using cutting-edge technologies; artificial intelligence, automated & semi-automated processes.
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