Explanatory Note Regarding the Practice of CHS on the Communication of Hazards to Navigation

CHS may receive new information pertaining to navigation from various sources. All information is assessed to evaluate its quality and determine if it is a potential hazard to navigation. 

The practice of CHS is to issue a "Reported Danger" chart correction, in accordance with Specification B-424.5 of the Regulations for International (INT) Charts and Chart Specifications of the IHO (S-4). This means charting the potential hazard accompanied by the word "Rep" followed by the date of the report between brackets. This correction is also issued through Notices to Mariners ("NOTMAR").

In addition,  CHS ensures that this information is communicated as soon as possible to mariners by the means of Notices to Shipping ("NOTSHIP"), first broadcasted by the Marine Communications and Traffic Service of the Canadian Coast Guard and then made available on the following internet address: http://www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca/eng/ccg/notship

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