Chart 1 : Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

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Cultural Features - Section D

SNS b-d

Other Cultural Features

Ref. IHO Symbology Description CHS Symbology
20.1 Fixed bridge
20.2 Footbridge
21 Horizontal clearance
22 Vertical clearance above the plane of reference for elevations
23.1 Opening bridge (in general)
23.2 Swing bridge
23.3 Lift bridge
23.4 Bascule bridge
23.5 Pontoon bridge
23.6 Draw bridge
24 Transporter bridge with vertical clearance below fixed structure
25 Overhead transporter, Aerial cableway with vertical clearance
26.1 Power transmission line with pylons
26.2 Power transmission line with pylons (very high voltage)
27 Overhead cable, Telephone line, Telegraph line
28 Overhead pipe
29 Pipeline on land
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