Chart 1 : Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

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Depths - Section I

Depth Contours

Green tint is shown for drying areas.
The 0 (zero) line shows Low Water (LW) line, Chart Datum (CD). Blue tint, in one or more shades, and tint ribbons, are shown to different limits according to the scale and purpose of the chart and the nature of the bathymetry. On some charts, the standard set of contours is augmented by additional contours in order to delimit particular bathymetric features or for the benefit of particular categories of shipping. However, in some instances where the provision of additional contours would be helpful, the survey data available does not permit it. On some charts, contours and labels are printed in blue.
Approximate depth contours
Note: The green tint between the High and Low Water lines identifies drying areas, while a blue tint emphasizes the shallow water areas. On some charts, the contours and figures are printed in black.
Nota: La teinte verte entre les laisses de haute et basse mer identifie les zones asséchantes tandis qu'une teinte bleue accentue les zones d'eau peu profonde. Sur certaines cartes, les isobathes et les cotes sont indiquées en noir.
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