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Tracks, Routes - Section M

Examples of Routing Measures

Ref. Description
20.1 Traffic separation scheme (TSS), traffic separated by separation zone
20.2 Traffic separation scheme, traffic separated by natural obstructions
20.3 Traffic separation scheme, with outer separation zone, separating traffic using the scheme from traffic not using it
21 Traffic separation scheme, roundabout with separation zone
22 Traffic separation scheme with "crossing gates"
23 Traffic separation scheme crossing without designated precautionary area
24 Precautionary area
25.1 Inshore traffic zone (ITZ) with defined endlimits
25.2 Inshore traffic zone without defined endlimits
26.1 Recommended direction of traffic flow between traffic separation schemes
26.2 Recommended direction of traffic flow for ships not needing a deep water route
27.1 Deep water route (DW), as part of one-way traffic lane
27.2 Two-way deep water route, with minimum depth stated
27.3 Deep water route, centreline as recommended one-way or two-way track
28.1 Recommended route (often marked by centreline buoys)
28.2 Two-way route with one-way sections
29.1 Area to be avoided (ATBA), around navigational aid
29.2 Area to be avoided (ATBA), because of danger of stranding
Note: Sections identified in italic numbers are not applicable to the CHS
Nota: Les section identifiées au moyen de numéros en caractères italiques ne s’appliquent pas au SHC
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