Chart 1 : Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

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Buoys, Beacons - Section Q

Supplementary national symbols

Ref. IHO Symbology Description CHS Symbology
a Buoy or beacon symbol out of position
b White
c Bell buoy
d Whistle buoy
e Gong buoy
f Starboard hand buoy
g Port hand buoy
h Mid-channel buoy, Fairway buoy, Safewater buoy
i Starboard bifurcation buoy
j Port bifurcation buoy
k Junction buoy, Middle ground buoy
l Anchorage buoy
m Cautionary buoy
n Keepout buoy
o Control Buoy
p Information buoy
q Swimming buoy
r Diving Buoy
s Hazard buoy
t Daybeacons
-starboard bifurcation-junction
-port bifurcationjunction
u Pipeline sign
v Cable sign
w Painted boards with function of leading beacons
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