Chart 1 : Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms

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Radar, Radio, Satellite Navigation Systems - Section S

Supplementary national symbols

Ref. IHO Symbology Description CHS Symbology
a Loran tower
b North American Datum 1927 or 1983
c Identification of Loran-C rates
d Line of Position (LOP)
e LOP representing time difference value of an integral thousand microseconds
f LOP beyond reliable groundwave service area
g LOP labelled with rate and full value in microseconds
h LOP labelled with final three digits only
i Circular (non-directional) marine or aeromarine radiobeacon
j Coast radio station providing QTG service
k Aeronautical radiobeacon
Note: A Loran-C Chain Diagram may be given if rates from more than one Chain appear on a chart. An explanatory note is given if LOPs include propagation delays.
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