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Chart 7552 - Bellot Strait and Approaches/et Les Approches

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Edition Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2020-01-03

Last Notice (YYYY-MM-DD): -------

Region: Central and Arctic

Scale: 1 : 50,000

Category: New Edition

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These images are representations of CHS products and should not be used for navigation.

Category Definitions

New Edition
A new issue of an existing chart containing amendments essential to navigation. These amendments are in addition to those issued in Notices to Mariners and make existing editions of the chart obsolete.
New Chart
The first publication of a Canadian chart, either for an area not previously charted to the scale shown, or for an area different from any existing Canadian chart.
A new print of the current edition of a chart incorporating no amendments of navigational significance other than those previously published in Notices to Mariners. Previous printings of the current edition always remain in force.
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