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Sailing Directions: Updates to be included directly in the publication for easy reference

Sailing Directions are updated throughout the year to help ensure safe navigation. The process to communicate these changes to mariners will be amended as follows starting January 2022:

  • All digital volumes will include a new section entitled “Record of Changes” which will list all updates that were incorporated during the current calendar year;
  • The Canadian Hydrographic Service will permanently discontinue the publication of these changes in Section 4 of the monthly Notices to Mariners;
  • Section 4 of the monthly Notices to Mariners will instead list the titles of the volumes that were amended during the previous month and link to their download page; and
  • CHS will no longer maintain the separate “Cumulative Corrections for Sailing Directions” currently available on Notices to Mariners (NOTMAR).

We are proud to transform the way that we deliver quality data and services to our clients. By providing smart, timely electronic products, we are supporting safer navigation for all mariners.

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